Wedding Rings

If you’re planning on buying a wedding ring for your significant other anytime soon, there are probably a few things that you should know about wedding rings. They have a long history and there are some modern day rules that it’s worth understanding as well. Whether the ring you’re looking to buy is a diamond wedding ring or a platinum band, there are some important things to learn. Find out more below.

How Do You Wear a Wedding Ring?

There is an order in which you should wear your wedding and engagement rings. The wedding ring should normally be worn on the fourth finger of the left hand. The tradition came about because ancient cultures thought that this finger contained a vein linking directly to the heart.

Where Can You Buy a Wedding Ring?

You can buy a wedding ring from many places depending on what kind of ring you’re looking for. You’ll find wedding rings of all kinds in our store, so you should take a look there. But there are many retailers selling wedding rings in a variety of styles, both online and on the high street.

What is a Wedding Ring?

A wedding ring symbolises the bond between two people after they get married. Each person gives the other a wedding ring, and they exchange them during the wedding ceremony. They’re usually made of a precious metal and might also contain a diamond too.

How Many Wedding Rings Do You Wear?

There is usually only one wedding ring that’s worn, but there are often two rings in total that are worn and maybe three. The other is the engagement ring, which is given when a partner proposes. You might also choose to wear an eternity ring but that’s not something that everyone does.

How Long Have Wedding Rings Been Around?

It’s believed that wedding rings were around and in use as far back as ancient Egypt. That means that they have been around for about 4800 years. They’ve been used in all kinds of cultures and societies ever since then, so there legacy has certainly been enduring.

What Kind of Wedding Ring Should I Have?

There’s no rule about which wedding ring you should have. That’s down to the choice you make with your partner and your own preferences. You can choose platinum bands, diamond rings, rings from sapphire, white gold or plain gold, as well as many other potential options.

What Kind of Wedding Rings Are Popular?

There are many popular types of wedding rings. Perhaps the most highly favoured option is the diamond solitaire ring. Pave settings are also very popular, but there are other rings that are increasing in popularity such as three stone rings, halo rings and bezel setting-style rings.

Where Should You Have Wedding Ring Cleaned?

If you’re not sure how to correctly and carefully clean your ring without causing any damage to it, it makes sense to have your ring cleaned by a professional. You don’t want to damage your diamond wedding band, so getting it cleaned by an expert is often the best option.

Where Should Wedding Rings be Worn?

You can wear your wedding ring as often as you want to. Sometimes people put them on a chain and wear them around their neck if they’re worried about losing them. It’s important to take them off for safe-keeping at times when you’re doing things that might damage the ring or cause it to fall off.

Where Did Wedding Rings Originate?

Wedding rings have a long history as we discussed above. In their current form and use, they originate from ancient Rome and Greece, which is when they came to be seen as a promise of fidelity to a partner.

When Did Wedding Rings Become a Thing?

As mentioned above, wedding rings became a thing in ancient Egypt, but not much is known about their significance and how they were used during this time.

Who Buys the Wedding Ring for the Man?

Couples tend to shop together for wedding rings, and that’s something that’s as true for the man’s wedding ring as it is for the woman’s. It’s best to do this together and make a choice that both people in the relationshop are happy with.

Whether you’re looking for white gold wedding bands or other diamond wedding rings, see what you can find in our store. We have plenty of white gold jewellery, platinum bands and hold earrings too. And you can get in touch if you have any questions about how we can help you.