You’ll likely have come across a solitaire ring in one way or another, even if you weren’t fully aware of it. They are a type of engagement ring that can come in a variety of forms, including gold platinum. Unique in style, they often feature a single diamond gem - indeed, this is what the word solitaire means; it’s from the Latin word ‘solus,’ which means sole. So if you’ve got a diamond solitaire ring, you’ve got a ring with just one diamond perched on top.

Because of the elegance and beauty of a princess cut Diamond Solitaire ring, they continue to be highly popular options for people that want to make a splash with their engagement, which is to say, everyone!

What is the meaning of a solitaire ring?

If you’re going to give a ring to your beloved, then you want to be sure that it sends the right message. The ring, after all, is going to be heavily loaded with meaning. So what is the meaning of a solitaire ring? It conveys love, strength, and stability. When you place this type of ring on your partner’s finger, you’re not just giving them an item of beauty to be admired. You’re sending a message that you’re going to be there through thick and thin. The solitaire ring isn’t just used for engagements, however; it can also be given as a gift on a special birthday or an anniversary. It is true, however, that it is most commonly associated with an engagement. This is because there are many highly-talented craftspeople making beautiful rings that are elegant and have that all-essential timeless look. By giving the ring to someone, you’re essentially telling them that you’ll never call time on your relationship.

How to wear a Solitaire Ring?

It is a magical experience to receive a solitaire ring. Indeed, it’ll be right up there with the most important days of your life. But it’s important that you’re wearing it correctly; if you’re given such a beautiful 14K White Gold ring, then you want to show it off as best as possible. The good news is that there are various ways to wear the ring, so you can choose the style that’s best for you. In Western cultures, the most common way to wear it is on the wedding finger of your left hand. They say that this custom developed in Roman times, who believed that there was a vein in this finger that leads directly to your heart. Alas, not true, but the custom remained.

In some countries, it’s normal to wear your engagement ring on your right hand. If you have no strong cultural preference and it feels comfortable there, then go for it. After your wedding day, you’ll also have a wedding band. Most people choose to wear their wedding ring over their band.

Where can you buy a Solitaire Ring?

Once you’ve decided that you want to buy a solitaire ring, then you’ll need to figure out where to buy it. You can find the best selection at There you’ll find a whole host of stunning options that will delight and inspire. You could opt for an 18ct White Gold ring, for instance, or a round cut diamond engagement ring. If you need any help, then get in touch. We have the knowledge and expertise needed to ensure that you’re fully happy with your ring purchase.

How many carats is a solitaire?

A solitaire consists of just one single diamond. To qualify as a solitaire, the single diamond has to weigh at least 0.30 carat, but of course, they are often much larger than that. Part of the magic of a solitaire is that they’re rare. They’re not a medley of diamonds; they’re just one.

What is the difference between a diamond and a solitaire?

All solitaires are diamonds. When it comes to jewelry, the word solitaire means that there’s just one diamond in there, rather than several. A diamond solitaire ring, for instance, would have a band with just one larger diamond on top. A non-solitaire diamond ring could have several smaller diamonds clustered together. The weight might be more in the clustered variety, but a solitaire is often considered more precious because it’s just one larger diamond, and they are rarer.

When you’re looking for an engagement ring, it’s definitely worth considering a solitaire. Not for nothing are they considered among the classiest of rings -- you only need to look at them to see why!