Our Story

The Jacobson Diamonds Legacy

From ancient times emperors and rulers wore jewels and diamonds as an expression of power and wealth. Nowadays things haven’t changed. Take one look at Buckingham Palace and you will see that members of royalty use diamonds for decoration and as a demonstration of status, especially on official occasions. Many times, accessories pass from generation to generation as a form of affection, respect and to honour the memory of their ancestors.

The tradition and expertise of Jacobson Diamonds in this market has come a long way. The jewellery store has always cultivated a very close and warm relationship with royalty. Since its foundation in 1840, numerous members of the nobility have travelled to Amsterdam solely and exclusively to request the impeccable work of our company when it was still called “RoyalCoster”. On one occasion we had the honour of being visited by QueenVictoria

Gradually Jacobson Diamonds became well known for its innovative way of cutting and polishing diamonds. The company's extraordinary skills in handling the most precious crystal have attracted, and continue to attract members of the royalty from all over the world to this day.

In 1852, two experts from our team of diamond polishers travelled to London to repolish one of the most valuable diamonds; the world-famous Koh-i-Noor, and part of the English Crown Jewels. This event is widely recognized as one of the most impressive handcrafted shop windows in the history of diamonds to this day.