A Diamond Ring is the perfect way to show someone that you love just how much you care for them. Diamond rings are often thought of simply as engagement rings, but, in fact, they are an ideal gift for any occasion. There are many types of Diamond Ring available, but, among the most popular styles are Eternity rings, Solitaire rings, and the Diamond cluster ring.

Diamond cluster rings are an increasingly popular choice of engagement ring, thanks to their timeless style and eye-catching beauty. A cluster ring can feature a range of gemstone varieties including Emerald and Sapphire for those that prefer a coloured stone. For those that prefer the simple elegance of an all-diamond ring, a cut diamond cluster ring featuring a princess cut diamond is an elegant choice. It showcases the beauty of the diamond in spectacular style.

Choosing the perfect Diamond cluster ring can be tricky; one of the first things you will need to decide on is whether you are looking for a Gold or Platinum ring. If you choose Gold, you will need to select from 18ct Yellow Gold, 14K White Gold or 18ct White Gold. You could even decide to opt for a Two-Tone ring which features a combination of these. A Two-Tone design is ideal if you like the striking contrast of colours created by two different precious metals combined on the same ring.

Here at Jacobson Diamonds in Ireland, we offer an extensive range of exquisite diamond cluster rings. With over 30 years of expertise in fine jewellery, we can use our extensive experience to help you find the perfect diamond cluster ring to match your requirements.

What is a Cluster Ring?

A cluster ring typically features a Diamond positioned centrally on the ring, which is then surrounded by smaller diamonds. In some cases, a different gemstone is featured in the ring’s central position. This could be a coloured gem, such as an Emerald, or a Sapphire. As with the Diamond cluster ring, the Emerald or Sapphire would also be surrounded by smaller diamonds.

What is Cluster diamond setting?

Your choice of setting is one of the most important aspects to consider when selecting a ring. The setting influences the overall style of the ring and is the key factor that differentiates between the various styles of ring available.

A Cluster diamond ring features a Prong or Claw setting which holds the stones in place. The central stone could be a princess cut diamond, and smaller diamonds would then surround this. Typically, these small diamonds are packed close together. The combination of the larger stone with smaller stones surrounding it adds some serious wow factor to the ring and adds plenty of extra sparkle to the piece. Due to the way that their colour complements the design, diamond cluster rings in either Platinum or 18ct White Gold add some extra sparkle to the piece. If you prefer a contrast between the colour of the ring setting and the diamonds, opting for a Gold setting works well. An 18ct Yellow Gold setting offers a stylish choice when paired with a cluster of diamonds.

Cluster rings come in a variety of styles, so they are perfect for anyone that favours jewellery with a decorative flourish. We stock a range of shaped diamond cluster rings, including pearshaped, emerald cut and oval, each of which looks stunning in their own right.

If you are looking for a Diamond Ring that makes a big impact, then a cluster ring is a perfect choice.

How to wear a Cluster Ring?

With so many variations of the Cluster Ring style available, there are no limitations on how to wear a cluster ring.

If you are searching for an engagement ring with plenty of sparkle, then wearing a cluster ring on a ring finger is ideal. A cluster ring is also a perfect gift to mark any special occasion and could be given in place of an Eternity ring to symbolise your lasting devotion.

Where can you buy a Cluster Ring?

When selecting a cluster ring, quality is a priority. Therefore, it is always best to purchase a ring from a well-established jeweller with a reputation for stocking quality pieces. Here at Jacobson Diamonds, we pride ourselves on our history of 30 years of excellent service and extensive range of certified diamond rings. Our variety of cluster rings features a wide choice of cut diamond styles, to help you find the perfect ring for that someone special in your life.