5 Stone Rings

If you are looking for a beautiful ring for your loved one, a 5 stones ring makes an excellent choice. Here at Jacobson Diamonds, we have an extensive range of exquisite diamond rings that make the perfect gift for that special person in your life.

Whether you are shopping for a Platinum engagement ring or a Gold Eternity ring, you will find exactly what you are looking for within our collection of stunning rings.

A piece of fine jewellery is a heartfelt gift at any time of the year and shows your loved one just how much you care. The beauty of a five stones ring is that it not only makes the perfect present at any of the time of the year, it is also an excellent choice of engagement ring. If you are looking for an engagement ring that offers something a little different to the traditional princess cut diamond solitaire ring with Baguette diamonds, a five stones ring is a stunning alternative.

Carefully considering the choice of band for the five stones ring is essential. The precious metal you opt for is very much a personal choice. Everyone has an individual preference as to whether they prefer Platinum, 14K White Gold, 18ct White Gold, or 18ct Yellow Gold. You may even prefer to opt for a combination of these by selecting a Two-Tone ring.

Selecting the ideal five stones ring means thinking about the small details that will make the ring extra special. Consider the look of the Prong setting and how it displays the diamond. The Claw not only serves the practical function of holding the diamond in place, but it also adds to the overall aesthetic of the ring.

The five precious stones which adorn the 5 stones ring are, without a doubt, its most eye-catching feature. You may choose to opt for a Gemstone, such as an Emerald, Sapphire, or Aquamarine, or to stick with the more traditional choice of diamond.

When shopping for a Diamond Ring, it is vital to choose a Diamond of the highest quality. At Jacobson Diamonds, we pride ourselves on using only certified diamonds. With 30 years of experience in selling fine quality jewellery in Ireland, you can rest assured that we will help you to make a perfect choice.

How to wear a 5 stones ring?

A lovely feature of a 5 stones ring is that it can be worn however you choose, this is what makes a 5 stones ring an ideal choice as a gift for a loved one. You may select a five stones ring as a timelessly beautiful engagement ring, an Eternity ring, or simply to show how much you care.

Where can you buy a 5 stones ring?

When selecting a 5 stones ring, it is essential to choose one of the highest quality. For your peace of mind, it is wise to seek out expert help from an established jeweller, such as Jacobson Diamonds Ireland. Our experienced staff will help you to select a 5 stones ring that matches your requirements, whether you are looking for Gold, Platinum, 14K White Gold, or 18ct White Gold.

What is a 5 stones ring for?

The attractive design of this five Gemstone Diamond Ring makes it a perfect choice for any occasion. If you are planning to propose, a 5 stone engagement ring is the ideal alternative to a princess cut Diamond Solitaire ring.

Five stone rings are also popular Eternity rings, and an ideal choice to symbolise your commitment to a loved one. Likewise, a five stone ring will make the perfect anniversary gift and is especially significant for marking a fifth anniversary.

How big is a 5 carat diamond?

A 5 carat diamond is a rare find and a stone of exceptional beauty. The size of a 5 carat diamond varies according to how the stone is cut. For example, a 5 carat princess cut diamond would measure at around 9.4mm. However, a 5 carat round brilliant cut diamond would measure around 11.1mm.

If you are planning to purchase a 5 carat diamond, you will need expert help to source the perfect gem. Without an expert eye to guide your purchase, you could be left with a diamond that is lacklustre and badly cut. To avoid purchasing a diamond of inferior quality, you will need an experienced jeweller to guide your final purchase. Our expert team will help you to find a certified diamond that boasts exceptional clarity, colour, and cut.